Suhas Adhav

8+ years of IT industry experience in different domains like Database Administration, Web Development, DevOps, Cloud & Blockchain/Smart Contract Development.

Programming Languages

  • Frontend - Javascript, ReactJS
  • Backend - Python-Django
  • Web3 - Solidity, Web3.js


  • Containerization Technologies - Docker, Kubernetes, Openshift, Helm
  • Automation & Orchestration - Jenkins, Gitlab, Ansible, Python
  • Source Control - Git, Github, Bitbucket, Gitlab
  • Cloud Platforms - AWS, Azure
  • Relational Databases - Oracle, Postgres
  • Web3/Smart Contract - Ethereum


As a DevOps

  • Strong experience in Create, Manage and Administrate EKS clusters for Production workload
  • Experience with AWS cloud services like EC2, EKS, ECR, EBS, EFS, VPC, Subnetting, S3, Boto3 Python, RDS
  • Experience in Azure cloud services like Azure VMs, AKS, Virtual Network, ACR, PostgreSQL database
  • Experience in automating workload management using Python automations on AWS & Azure Cloud
  • Experience in Cloud Infrastructure provisioning using Terraform
  • Implemented Complex CI-CD pipelines with Gitlab, Jenkins, Docker, Kubernetes and Helm charts.
  • Developed, Packaged and Deployed Helm chart for Production grade application with 70+ microservices.
  • Configured and installed product with 200+ microservices on Kubernetes and Openshift including CI-CD pipelines.
  • Automated installation, configuration of Postgres Database with Patroni, HAProxy for High Availability(HA) and Disaster recovery(DR).
  • Installed, Configured and Managed 18 node(3 master and 15 data nodes) Hadoop cluster on AWS.
  • Automated Hadoop cluster deployment with different configuration options using Ansible and Cloudera API.
  • Experience in implementing Python automations using Jenkins pipeline
  • Strong experience in Converting legacy shell scripts to Python scripts

As a Oracle DBA

  • Migrated Oracle database using different techniques like datapump, transportable tablespaces.
  • Developed tool for Oracle Data migration and performance monitoring in Django-Python.
  • Developed self service tool for LVT/FVT data load using Django-Python for Developers and Testers.
  • Converted set of complex legacy Shell scripts which were used to administer Oracle Database to Python.
  • Good understanding of oracle architecture and Data Dictionary.
  • Managed database development through all Phases - DEV/UAT/ST/PET/PROD.

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